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Canoeing, Kayaking & Tubing

Nelson County features three great river options canoeing, kayaking or tubing.

The Tye River, the James River and the Rockfish River are perfect for enjoying a day on the water.

Beginning January 1, 2021, any person using a Department of Wildlife Resources (DWR)-owned or managed facility, including boating access sites, must have a valid Virginia hunting, trapping, or fishing permit, a Restore the Wild membership, an access permit, or current certificate of boat registration issued by DWR to use the facility. This does not apply to persons under the age of 17 or passengers with a permitted operator. The operator must have a permit. Click here for the FAQs from the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources.

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This website is designed to help you easily find the right stretch of whitewater to paddle based on your location and your paddling abilities. It does not have any information on current conditions or safety advisories for the location you select. You need to search for more updated information on the selected stretch of river before you go. Not having the latest information about a paddling area is extremely dangerous and may cause death or serious injury.