Tye River

Trout Fishing
The Details

The Tye River is a 35.4-mile-long tributary of the James River in central Virginia originating on the eastern slope of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Nelson County, and is fed by the Piney and Buffalo rivers. It joins with the James River near Norwood, in Nelson County, VA. The Tye River is home to dozens of species of fish and other aquatic life, including largemouth bass, smallmouth bass and bluegill. Browns, rainbows and brooks can be taken on a fly by the studious angler.

The Tye River is also stocked with catchable-sized trout periodically by the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources from October through May. (See the Trout Stocking Plan and Schedule) Virginia Fishing License required. Trout license also required between October 1 and June 15.

Public Access points to the Tye River include along Route 56 bridges, from the bridge on Cub Creek Rd. off Rt. 56… however be aware that permission may be needed from private property owners for nearby car parking.

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