Wood Ridge Farm Brewery

Wood Ridge Farm Brewery
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From Dirt To The Glass Brewery

Here at Wood Ridge Farm Brewery in Lovingston, VA, the beer is crafted with the wholesome philosophy of being more than just a farm Brewery. The farm supplies the majority of ingredients, starting with the spring water and grains that are grown in the fields that surround the brewery. We stay true to the farm, true to being legitimately local, and true to bringing out the sense of place by crafting unique flavors and classic styles with our custom malt house and roasting operations. We recommend that you make yourself at home, soak it all in, and enjoy your uniquely nourishing experience ” From Dirt To Glass”.

We hope you relish in the fruits of our labor as much as we enjoyed crafting it. Cheers!

Contact Information

165 Old Ridge Rd
Lovingston, VA 22949